Meeting the demand of buyers and encouraging planting through our partners!



For rural farmers who do not wish to remain in the spot market and suffer price changes, we have the option of together with partners to supply seed for planting and contracting with pre-defined prices for all or half of the production.

Exclusive commercial representation


Focused on a company that wants to outsource the sales / purchase sector, and have an exclusive business consultant for its product, without an employment contract through a fixed monthly contract.


National buying / selling intermediation


With more than 212.6 million people, the Brazilian market has immense potential for its product to leverage national sales.

We bring business opportunities and always offer a fast, smart and economical solution.










International buying / selling intermediation


International, import and export business we sell your product, assisting with procedures to meet international quality standards.

To the Brazilian importer who has doubts about the purchase price of their products, we carry out the price comparison with several foreign suppliers and the search for the real countries authorized to import in Brazil bringing advantages to their business.

To the foreign exporter that wants to offer the products in the Brazilian market, we can connect with current buyers, through the easy access to information.

To the Brazilian exporter that seeks to expand sales in new countries.


Paula Gobbi

Graduated in Foreign Trade.
Post Graduation in Tax Law.
Accredited Customs clearance for 3 years.
8 years experience in foreign trade.

International sales manager